Our Work

We make freely available knowledge readily accessible to everyone.

We highlight valuable media.
To do this, we need to search, analyse, review and compare different information- and meta-information-sources.
Once we have an overview about what can be known, we begin working on expanding the “known to be know”.

We are greatful for publically available information from Open Educational Resources, Science Communication and Journalism in general.

We want to help by connecting all these pieces of information into a unified picture.

We research & develop a digital library for valuable media.

To get from unstructured, unconnected dots in an evergrowing ocean of information, we need to develop scaling search and analysis tools to get insights into the human knowledge. With these tools, we can begin to learn what someone else might already know, until we eventually reach:

A common reality.


  • Find out what it means to be “valuable” and what media already exists.
  • Define the limits of “knowledge” and “consensus” to find out what can be known.
  • Connect to generations of scientists and build upon their contributions.


  • We already have a plethora of tools available – we only need to connect them in value-adding pipelines.
  • Once these pipelines streamline the workflows, we can convert millions of articles and videos into one shared knowledge base.
  • This knowledge base needs to be build, maintained and continuously developed further.

-> Most of which can be found here: GitHub/BorgNetzWerk


Knowledge Base Curation

  • Store and structure knowledge, media and references

-> Most of which can be found here: Zotero/BorgNetzWerk


As well as …

Content Creation

Info graphics, data and process visualizataions, …


Community Management

Outreach and





  • Use our knowledge and abilities to help everyone.
  • from small projects like transcribing a podcast …
  • … to large meta-projects like the BNWiki.

BorgNetzWerk – Gesellschaft zur Vernetzung Freien Wissens e.V.

  • We are a Germany based, non-profit charitable “Association for the Networking of Free Knowledge”.
  • You can learn more about our transparent, charitable values.
  • If you would like to support us, you can: