There are more than two million topics.

At least if each category on Wikipedia is a topic.

And arguably, everything can be a topic.

So let’s focus on three:

Open Content

We have a great interest in resources, such as media, software and other tools, that are openly available and ready to be used. We both seek and produce such resources to reach our goals.

Science Communication

There can be open content on any topic. We aim to narrow this down to primarily science communication content. This extends to overlapping topics, such as education or information services.

Non-Profit Organisation (NGO) & Charity

We aim to identify what makes a content creator or any actor in general “valuable”. One of these indicators is official recognition as an NPO or charity, but also many, many others – while none of these factors alone satisfies, we aim to find out what mix correlates with trustworthy sources.

Open Content is free*

  • * so long as we follow the guidelines granted by those sharing their content with us.
  • Let’s further these efforts by highlighting and expanding these contents.
  • If you want to learn more – learn more.

Key terms

  • license
  • copyright
  • open access
  • public domain

Science Communication

  • In terms of “Knowledge” and “A common reality”, the scientific method is our best bet.
    • In science, researchers continously question our understanding of reality, rigorously test and validate what we think we know.
  • Scholarly communication (scientists talking with peers) ist complicated.
    • Science communication (anyone communicating science to anyone) allows everyone to participate in productive discourse by widely distributing insights into findings, discourse and consensus.

Key terms

  • trust
  • scientific method
  • journalism
  • citizens
  • public acceptance
  • understanding
  • literacy

Non-profit and charitable organisations

  • There are many ways towards reaching societal goals like the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  • NGOs groups resources and efforts to foster collaboration on larger scale.
  • NGOs and charities bring with them many commitments and increases the likelyhood of positive, “valuable” change in communities at scale.

Key terms

  • charitable
  • community
  • philanthropy
  • social impact

BorgNetzWerk – Gesellschaft zur Vernetzung Freien Wissens e.V.

  • We are a Germany based, non-profit charitable “Association for the Networking of Free Knowledge”.
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